Sikanja Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Bhida
Size In Feet
3 ‘ – 0 "
2 ‘ – 6 "
2 ‘ – 0 "


Square Column & Round Column  

We are Supplying on Rental wide range of Round & Square Columns, which is procured from the authorized vendors. These columns are useful in the construction industry as these help in constructing. Available with us column farma moulds in round and square shapes. These column farmas are bolted type for easy assembling and removal after casting. After poring and di-shuttering excellent finishing of columns after casting. Further , these are manufactured using 14G/12G MS Sheet and 45X45X5 angles with heavy Stiffener support.

Square Column Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Steel Square Column
  • M.S. Square Column
  • Square Column
  • Rectangular Column

Technical Specification

Size In Feet
Height X Lenth X Width
8′-0" X 2′-0" X 12"
8′-0" X 1′-6" X 9"

Round Column Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Steel Round Column
  • M.S. Round Column
  • Round Column
  • Circular Column

Technical Specification

Size In MM Size In Feet
Height X Circular Height X Circular
2500 X 150 8′-0″ X 0′-6″
2500 X 175 8′-0″ X 0′-7″
2500 X 230 8′-0″ X 0′-9″
2500 X 300 8′-0″ X 1′-0″
2500 X 350 8′-0″ X 1′-2″
2500 X 375 8′-0″ X 1′-3″
2500 X 450 8′-0″ X 1′-6″
2500 X 510 8′-0″ X 1′-8″
2500 X 600 8′-0″ X 2′-0″


Scaffold Tower /Scaffolding Tower Movable ( with wheel)

We are Supplying on Rental Scaffold Tower / Scaffolding Tower Movable (with wheel ) Scaffold Tower used for heighted / Arial work , Scaffold tower used for also one place but different location at at one place and work at different height level or work on Ceiling , There are Scaffold Tower Various type and made from different metal like M s Tube ( Pipe )one of Cup lock System Erect Cup lock Vertical & Cup lock ledger and others scaffold Tower made from H frame & bracing This both are Tradinatinally used in field due to cheaper than Aluminum Scaffold Tower and Aluminum Mobile Scaffold Tower is Light weight but costlier


  • Reliable
  • Cost effective
  • Long life

Movable Scaffolding Tower Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Mobile Revolving Tower
  • Scaffolding Tower
  • Revolving Wheel Tower
  • Revolving Ghodo
  • Scaffolding Mobile Tower
  • Arial Work
  • Arial Tower
  • Arial Movable Tower


Scissor Lift & Must Climber

Safe Design parameters, quality raw materials and accurate finish are what make v-tech products world class.

It is available in different table sizes & loads. Mobile and stationery. Platform is covered with checked plate. Improves efficiency & safety of men & material. There are out riggers on 4 sides for safety. Toeing handle for easy swivel movement. Out riggers give good stability. Low load capacity, high lifting height makes work platforms very convenient for general maintenance work.

  • Nullifies scaffolding &ladder in much application.
  • Working at height becomes SAFE and convenient.
  • Wheels provided at the base makes shifting easy.
  • Out riggers give good stability
  • Pipe rails provided at the top for safety of the user.
  • Pipe rails can be dismantled, this makes moving in very confined spaces possible.
  • Push button on top provides easy UP/DOWN movement in control of the user
  • Can also be used at any intermittent heights

Scissor Lift & Must Climber Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Arial Work


Gurder / I – Section / I – Beam / Gurder / ISMB

We are Supplying On Rental/ Hirer I -Section / I- Beam / Gurder Used in heavy Structure like Fly over Bridge , Under bridge , canal , Culvert , we have supplying wide range of I – Section in various size. It’s called ISMB in Technical Language & size start from 150 mm to 300 mm

Gurder Is Also Known By Following Names

  • I Gurder
  • I Beem
  • I Sectaion
  • ISMB
  • Steel Gurder