M. S. Pipe

Scaffolding Pipe / M. S. Pipe / Steel Tube  

Scaffolding Pipe / Steel Tube made from Good quality of Steel called ERW pipe , in Scaffolding pipe General used 40 NB ( 40 mm inner Diameter ) and Outer Diameter 48.5 mm ( approx ) “ B “ class pipe used in Scaffolding works , We supplying Rental in Various length of pipe start from 0.5 mtr up to 6 mtr .Scaffolding pipe used in Maintenance work ,Scaffolding Pipe Scaffold at any place when Traditional Scaffolding not used at place which situation of place is wide or congested , Ear action of Object is odd size and length & width , Scaffolding pipe mainly used in Cement Plant Maintance work , Refinery , Power Plant , Fertilizer Plant , flyover , Construction , and wide used of Scaffolding pipe

Pipes Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Steel Pipes
  • Scaffolding Pipe
  • Pipe Scaffolding
  • Staging Pipe
  • M S Pipe
  • Steel Tube
  • Scaffolding

Technical Specification

Size In Mtr Size In MM Size In Feet
6 6000 20′ – 0"
3 3000 10′ – 0"
2 2000 6′ – 5"
1 To 1.5 1000 To 1500 3′ – 3" To 5′ – 0"
1.2 1200 4′ – 0"
0.5 500 1′ – 6"


Swivel Coupler /Fix Coupler / Fix Clamp / Joint Pin  

Swivel Couplers on Rental / Hire

Swivel Couplers used connect two scaffold pipes at any angle, Swivel Coupler rotate 360 degree & flexible and strong.


  • used with scaffolding pipes for supporting
  • provides extra Support to pipes and other members
  • Easy to attach and strong in terms of supports
  • eliminates the risk of bending or twisting of verticals members

Fixed Couplers On Rental /Hire

We are Supplying on Rental / Hirer engaged fixed couplers to our clients. Fixed couplers used to connect two scaffold pipes at 90 degree to connect scaffolding tube to the tube of props erected. Fix Coupler used for Right Angle only

Joint Pin on Rental /Hire

We are Supplying On Rental Joint Pin which Connecting Pipe .There are Two Types of Joint Pin For Connecting Pipe one of connect pipe called internal joint pin which connect pipe the pipe from inside with the help of Center bolt tighten and joint pin fix both pipe end & other joint pin called External joint pin which joint pipe from outer side with the help of tighten bolt and connect pipe from outer side. Joint pins for the connecting purposes in construction of different components.

Fix Clamp on Rental / Hirer

We are Supplying on Rental / Hirer Fix clamp which is call also” C “clamp which is used in Formwork of RCC wall clamping with pipe and Slotted Angle Acro Plate support back side of Acro plate and runner pipe run Horizontal for joint Acro plate and pipe clamping with “C “Clamp (Fix Clamp) Which hook in Slotted Angle and Scaffolding Pipe passing through Fix Clamp and Center bolt tighten and runner pipe joint with the help of fix clamp with Acro Plate.

Swivel& Fix Coupler& Fix Clamp & Joint Pin Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Coupler Clamp
  • Clamp
  • Right Angle Coupler
  • Right Angle Clamp
  • Fix Coupler
  • Single Clamp
  • Fix Clamp
  • Joint Pin External
  • Joint Pin Internal
  • Spigot
  • C Clamp
  • Sleeve Coupler


U Jack / Stirrup Head / Adjustable U – Jack / Head  

U Jack / Stirrup Head on Rental/ Hirer
We are Supplying on Rental / Hirer to our clients can avail from us superior quality stirrup head ,Adjustable U Jacks / Stir-up heads are used for supporting floor forms, slab & beams ,formwork wall Support, . It has a jack nut which provides for accurate Height adjustment for final distance cover the end final Adjustable and it’s made from 32 mm solid rod & 5 mm Plate bent “U “shape. U jack / Stirrup Head insert Top Of on Cup lock Vertical, H- Frame, Scaffolding Pipe & Height Adjust with The Help of Nut Up – Down on Threaded Rod & Final Setting Achieved.

U – Jack Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Stirrup Head
  • Adjustable U – Jack
  • Stirrup U – Jack
  • M S U – Jack
  • U Head
Size In MM Size In Inch Working Height
350 14 “ 10″`
450 18 “ 14″
600 24 “ 20″