Cuplock System

Cup lock systems  

Cup Lock is a unique node point connection allows up to four horizontal members to be connected to a vertical members in one single action – without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges. The locking device is formed by two cups Top & Bottom Cup. Single node point action of unique locking make Cup lock a fast, versatile and optimized systems of scaffolding .Cup lock Scaffolding for variety of applications just like , Slab, Façade ,Any work of Outer side of building & Plastering Work , Support wall formwork ,demolition and maintenance projects throughout the globe.


  • Cup lock systems –Erect easy to stand –say no to nuts and bolts or wedges
  • Just a simple locking Top cup allows locking and resists sabotage at each node point on the standards enables connection of the ends of up to four members in one locking action.
  • Cup lock systems – Versatile for staging and access around any structures, best suitable for access or formwork support.
  • It can be erected by unskilled labor. It’s very easy to work, handle it and move very fast.
  • Cup lock Systems –timely tested and proven design with safety accessories cup lock systems has a proven performance history on an extensive number of sites, meeting the requirements of the various statutory bodies.
  • Quick fastening of horizontals. Only 4 horizontals can be fastened at one time with firm clamping action of top cup making the joint rigid.
  • Quick / fast / solid erection and dismantling result in time and labor saving.
  • Widely and versatile use in construction, demolition or maintenance projects for any type of structure i.e. straight or curved.
  • Lightweight but high loads carrying capacity.
  • Easy to Storage and Staking and Utilizes minimum space and maximum benefit in Transport cost less.

Technical Specification

Type Size
Cup Lock Vertical 3.00
Cup Lock Vertical 2.50
Cup Lock Vertical 2.00
Cup Lock Vertical 1.50
Cup Lock Vertical 1.00
Cup Lock Ledger 2.00
Cup Lock Ledger 1.80
Cup Lock Ledger 1.50
Cup Lock Ledger 1.20
Cup Lock Ledger 0.90
Cup Lock Ledger 0.60


H-Frame & Bracing  

The combination of H-Frame and Scissor Cross Bracing can be used as staging for floor slabs at more heights of commercial industrial buildings and also for Staging of Bridges, Flyover and Many more usage of Construction.
Procured from the most reliable vendors of the market, we have Rental supplying Scaffolding (H-Frame) / Materials. Our product range is fabricated using high-quality material and is available in various sizes…

H-Frames made out of 40 NB B class pipes,
Scissor Cross braces made out of 37 x 37 x3 mm angles

H-frames are the efficient and cost effective method for erecting scaffolding at maximum height with minimum labor and tools. By utilizing one size or a combination of varying sizes of H-Frames, towers or an array can be erected to the exact height required for the job. This rigid way free structure has no loose fittings and no tools are required for erection. If can be quickly and easily erected even by unskilled labor without any supervision.


  • Excellent rigidity due to welded construction and cross bracings.
  • No tools required for erection, can even be done unskilled labor and no loose fittings.
  • Excellent as scaffold tower around concrete hoist.
  • No loose parts and individuals components easy for transportation and storage.
  • Handy, hence easy for erection at great heights.
  • Ideal as access scaffolding or supports staging for heavy structures, high slabs, bridges, All Type of Hirise Building Plastering & outside work of building like , Painting & Repairing , Glass work , façade work, Stone Cladding etc,. Since the systems allows any desired spacing of units.

H – Frame Is Also Known By Following Names

  • H – Frame Scaffolding
  • Staging Material
  • H Scaffolding
  • H Section
  • H Ghoda
  • Scaffolding
  • H Type Section
  • H Type Ghoda
  • H – Frame & Bracing

Technical Specification

Size in Mtr. Size in mm. Size in Feet
2 2000 6 ‘ – 6 “
1.5 1500 5 ‘ – 0 “


Steel walk way / Jail / Kapeda  

Steel walk way / Jail / Kapeda / Batten / Platform / M.S Challis is especially designed for providing safe platform for working. There are so many use of Steel Walk way Such as a walking one end to other end used as a bridge, standing on Steel Walk way and work. Steel walk way are available in different sizes .Steel Walk way made from M s. square pipes & M s Round pipe. They are available for making surface to work, hence provide a perfect platform in construction work. T Steel walk way use in construction at any stage of construction work

Steel Walk Way Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Khapeda
  • Jali
  • M S Jali
  • Challi
  • Batten
  • Planks
  • Standing Planks
Size In Feet Size In Mtr
10 ‘ – 0 " 3.00
8 ‘ – 0 " 2.50
6 ‘ – 5 " 2.00


Adjustable Steel props  

We are Rental supplying of Adjustable / Telescopic / Jack Props, which is sourced from the trustworthy vendors of the industry. The entire range that we supplying to our clients is procured from the authentic vendors who make sure to use best quality raw material in designing it.

Adjustable telescopic props provide the most economic method for supporting to all kinds of shuttering work and formework.Steel Prop is a labor and time saving device to support shuttering and centering.


  • Props are adjustable to various height requirements
  • Quick and east to erect even by unskilled labors
  • Props are easy to handle and can be used repeated times
  • Compact for economical transportation and storage
  • No Loose parts to be lost or mislaid


  • Easy To Install
  • Reusable
  • can be extended to a desired length
  • eliminate labor work
  • precise structure
  • Excellent Durability
  • High Strength

*We provide all our products and services on rent, we are rental service providers.

Prop Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Adjustable Steel Prop
  • M S Prop
  • M S Steel Prop
  • Steel Prop
  • Jack Prop
  • Telescopic Jack
  • Adjustable Jack
  • Telescopic Prop
  • Scaffolding
  • Teka

Technical Specification

Size In Mtr Working Height in Feet
2 + 2 7′ – 0″ To 11′ – 6″
2 + 3 10′ – 3″ To 15′ – 0″