Caster Wheel

We are Supplying On Rental/ Hirer Caster Wheel used in scaffold tower, caster wheel attached with Movable scaffold tower. It facilitates to cover more area with the help of less scaffolding material. It saves the time of err action & dismantle of scaffolding material.


Cribs / Structural Staging Assembly / Ghoda / Bridge – Tunnel form work  

We are Supplying On Rental/ Hirer Cribs. Cribs mainly used in over bridge / Under bridge / Tunnel / Small and Big Under pass / Small and Big Culvert / Railway bridge / Heavy duty Structure. Cribs easily stand up to any rough industrial and erection environment And strong and rigid cribs are also hold heavy load structure slab for vertical load. Cribs made from heavy duty angle 65 mm X 65 mm X 6 mm thick and 12 mm to 18 mm rod for cross support even though Cribs also made from heavy duty “C” class pipe.

Cribs Is Also Known By Following Names

  • Structural Staging Assemby
  • Ghoda
  • Bridge – Tunnel form work
  • Small & Big Under Pass
  • Small & Big Culvert
  • Railway Bridge